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did you know finance is cheaper than hire?

pronto have completed multi-millions of pounds of funding within the scaffolding sector for vehicles, scaffolding materials and cash flow

how can we help scaffolding businesses?

We have helped over 100 scaffolding firms during our 2 years of incorporation, mostly with finance on scaffolding materials. Pronto are the trusted finance partner for a huge number of scaffolding suppliers, providing finance to businesses throughout the UK with fast decisions and rates starting from 1.8% on vehicles or loans, and 3.5% on materials.

finance on your boards..

lots of firms ask us whether we can finance scaffolding boards, the answer is YES!

rates start from 3.5% on boards and we can finance up to £1,000,000.00


finance on your poles..

scaffolding poles are the most common asset to finance within the sector with many firms 
actually hiring these materials directly from suppliers, which in turn incurs huge monthly costs

by financing your scaffolding materials, we could save you thousands


finance on your vehicles..

most businesses finance their vehicles but they often make the mistake of using the dealers
finance option, which generally turns out to be very expensive with many dealers being limited
on what options they can offer.

vehicle finance is our bread and butter, give us a call and let's beat the dealer

Gym Equipment

We can finance anything from £10k, allowing your business
to keep moving forward